The second edition of SAN MARCO AWARD, wants to promote, research, and improve the theme of COLOUR in relation to architecture and the environment.

The international competition is open to architects that can participate in projects carried out or not, resulting from participation in competitions. The competition is also open to the world of university. Graduates can participate with their thesis or masters and university professors that have course results, workshops and masters can also participate. 
Registration is divided into four sections:
Section A1 - Colour and Contemporary City - Architects
Section B1 - Colour and History - Architects
Section A2 - Colour and Contemporary City - University
Section B2 - Colour and History - University
The evaluation procedures will be defined during the first meeting of the judges according to the following quality elements:
Identity colour.  The use of colour as a carrier of identity of the work in question is considered a priority, and as a primary quality of the project and the site. 
- Innovation.  Any degree of design innovation, merchandise, or production is positively valued. 
- Environmental Sustainability.  It is requested where possible, particular sensitivity to environmental concerns regarding the general theme of sustainable and quantifiable   development. 
- Feasibility.  The project must relate to existing product categories. 
Colorificio San Marco, through SAN MARCO COLOUR AWARD 2012,  has renewed its interest in the design of architecture that translates innovation issues / conservation through colour.
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San Marco Award 2012