1. What is the competition deadline to upload the projects? 

Registration for the contest is open until January 30th  2013.

2. Hello! I would like to participate in the competition but it is still a little bit not clear for me  what kind of projects do you accept - it's got to be realized objects or just render images  are ok? Do you accept projects of urban environment or just of buildings? Thanks in  advance!

You can join the competition, with a project realized and with an unrealized one. You can  join the competition also if you have already received other awards, the project may be  new or already published, it may be competition project or personal research on the  competition’s topics: both for urban space and building.

3. Where is the pre-compiled mask that we have to download to process competition images  on the website?

After registering yourself in the upload section and after entering ID and password you will  enter in the reserved area where you can download the pre-compiled mask to loading files  in the correct way.

4. The competition concerns only the colour on the outside, or is directed to the use of colour  in the interior? Of course, talking about a use of colour according to the requalification  concept.

We confirm that the competition is open to projects dealing with the colour both  interiors and outside.

5. The JPG file format that you have to load is A3?

Yes, the file format is A3.

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