Rossana Galdini
She graduated from “la Sapienza” University, in Rome, with a degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature.
She participated in the “Development models for inland rural districts” Summer School, organized by the Department of Territorial Planning of the Engineering Department of the University of Calabria.
In 2007 she was awarded a research doctorate (PhD) by the Department of Sociology and Political Science, a division of the Department of Economics of the University of Calabria.
The following year she was appointed to the position of researcher in Sociology of the Environment and the Territory at the Department of Sociology, RISMeS department, at La Sapienza University, in Rome.
Her academic research has focused on the city, seen as a web of social interactions, architectural forms and production structures, and examines the relationship between sociology and architectural design.
She writes for the online magazine Serendicity, on topics related to urban and rural sociology, the territory and the landscape. She has published numerous papers in periodicals and collections of conference presentations. In 2008 she published Reinventare la città: strategie di rigenerazione urbana in Italia ed in Germania [Re-inventing the city: urban regeneration strategies in Italy and Germany], and in 2011 Palcoscenici urbani. Il turista contemporaneo e le sue architetture [Urban stages. The contemporary tourist and his architectures].
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San Marco Award 2012